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NEW: Baked with Love Collection by Kristmess ~ 25% off!

I have a new collection in the store today! Check out my new Baked with Love Collection, this is great for scrapping photos of you little ones helping out in the kitchen, photos of birthday cakes both in the making and of course eating them too! As always I’ve tried to make this kit as versatile as possible so it’s great for many other uses too! All the sets in this new collection are 25% off for a limited time!

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LOs using my new kit, Kinley’s Colors

Would love for you to take a peek at my new kit, Kinley’s Colors. Can you tell that the kit was created with these photos in mind? :-)


New Party Hybrid by Pati Araujo

New party Hybrid:

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Kristmess Collection of the Week ~ Lemon Squeezy

This summer heat we are experiencing at the moment is making me feel like Lemonade!!
So this week you can pick up pieces of my Lemon Squeezy Collection for 40% off!
Quench your digital scrapbooking thirst with this super kit and collection great for all sorts of summer layouts!!Lemon Squeezy Collection

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NEW: Money saving trio by Kristmess ~ Spring Bouquet

This is a Trio of goodies, 3 must have basic essentials in 1 great bundle for 1 great price! This trio includes my Spring Bouquet Page Kit, Shabby Papers and Alphabets. Discounted to an affordable price!
Check out the entire Spring Bouquet Collection, everything is 30% off!!

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New kit and promotion

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Featured Designer ~ Kits4Kids

Hi, Friends! We actually have 2 featured designer at Digitals, Kristina (Kristmess) and Kathryn Estry, the designers behind Kits4Kids! We’re so excited and happy to share a few things about ourselves. We’ve both been designing for Digitals for a number of years, and as our design styles are so similar, we enjoy collaborating on cutesy kits for kids and bringing you fresh new scrapbook kits to scrap your children’s photos!  You’ll find a variety of K4K Collections all on sale now in our K4K store!

Our Daily Download kit, Tooth Fairy 1, will get you ready to scrap photos of your child’s first visit to the dentist, her braces, and his great teeth brushing habits!   Watch every day in our Kits4Kids store for more pieces to this free daily download kit.

Judith ~ the51mom ~ posted this pretty sweet layout with Tooth Fairy 1 ~

Matching Tooth Fairy 1 (the Daily Download) is Tooth Fairy 2, also available in our Kits4Kids store!

Our entire Digitals store is on sale for 30% off during our Featured Designer time, and this includes all kits, bundles, and printables. Visit our store HERE.
1. Do you keep a wishlist? If so, what is your MOST WANTED item at the moment?

Kristina: I don’t keep a wishlist however my most wanted item would be Photoshop CS6.

Kathryn: I just got a Lenovo tablet which doubles as a small laptop.  It was my retirement present from Robert, and it’s so cool!  It’s a full powerful laptop and handles PhotoShop beautifully, but it also is small and folds flat like a tablet.

2. What is your designing routine, i.e. do you get a snack, put on music, get organized and then work on a kit until its finished or do you pop in and out as time allows?

Kristina: Unfortunately I pop in and out as time allows.  I wish I could work on a kit until it is finished!!

Kathryn: I feel as if I’m running a 3-ring circus with designing and visiting with the digiscrap community and scrapping.  I have a todo list that I work from which often grows faster than I can click through things.  I try to stay with one project until it’s finished, but I sneak in lots of little things as well to meet daily deadlines.  I like to listen to books on tape while I’m designing, and I usually have a cold Diet Dr. Pepper on my desk.

3. When you scrap, do you use your own products?

Kristina: Yes, but I also use other kits too.

Kathryn: I do use my own, but I LOVE Kristina’s kits for my grandkids!

4. What is your all-time favorite product OR what is your best selling product(s)?

Kristina: Okay that’s a tough one, my favourite product keeps changing as we make a new kit!!  Our best selling product is probably our Tickets Please Collection.

Kathryn: I’m partial to our Scout kits, Be Prepared for Boys and Be Prepared for Girls,  as both of my own children grew up in scouting.

5. What are your reasons or motivations for digital scrapbooking?

Kristina: I just love it!

Kathryn:  Ha!  Good answer, Kristina.

6. What is the best food you ever ate? Describe.

Kristina: Quesadillas in Zihuatanejo, Mexico – they’re just yummy!!

Kathryn: I’m a fajita girl, but lets’ move onto dessert.  I make the best amoretto cake ever!

7. Where is your “happy place?”

Kristina: Right here at my computer.

Kathryn: Anywhere if I have my sweet Robert, my kids, and my grandkids around me.  If they’re not here, then yep, my “studio” as I call my home office is my happy place.

8. If you won the lottery, how would you spend the winnings?

Kristina: Well first off I’d pay our debts!  Then I’d give some to my parents, and any other family member in need of it, then I’d put some by for my boys for their education or whatever later on.  And if there was any left over, I’d take my boys over to England to see the other half of their family again!

Kathryn: I’d want to travel, too.  I’d love for us to go all over the world!  There’s so much wonder out there and so many fascinating places to see and people to meet.

9. If you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would you chose and what would you want to talk about?

Kristina: My maternal Grandmother, I never knew her but I’ve been told that I am so much like her.

Kathryn: I’d so much love to see my parents again.  They both passed away about 15 years ago, and they didn’t get to meet Robert or see my kids get married or meet their great-grandchildren.  I’d LOVE to have them here for even a day!

10. What else should we know about you?

Kristina: There isn’t much else to know about me!!  I’m a very ordinary person!

Kathryn:  I’m going to add a bit to Kristina’s answer here.  She’s a super sweet lady and an awesome friend!  She has 3 cute boys who keep her hopping, and just talking with her, I know she’s an incredible mom.  I love working with her on our Kits4Kids collections.

About me, lots of you probably already know these things, but they’re what make me me.  I retired from a lifetime of teaching gifted/talented kids just a year ago.  I loved my work!  I miss the kids so much, and teaching will always be a part of me.  I love the time I have now for family!  Also, Robert and I dance every weekend ~ choreographed ballroom and plus level square dancing.  It’s a 3-hour non-stop workout, and we have a blast!  Thanks for reading about us!

Make sure to stop by our Digitals store every day between July 6 and July 19  to collect pieces of this cute new kit, Tooth Fairy  1. If you miss any of the daily downloads, you can purchase this kit in our store on sale. Watch also for new products to show up throughout these two weeks, and remember that you can get all of our designs for 30% off.

A big thank you to all of our customers here at Digitals!

Kristmess’ 30% off sale!

Check out my store this week, almost everything is 30% off!!! Sale runs until 7th July.

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$2 deals from Kristmess

This week you can pick up my Sleuthin’ Page Kit and Alphabet for just $2 each!
This digital scrapbooking kit is great for scrapping photos of your little one whilst hunting for bugs outside in the garden, or any other discovery page. Of course like all my kits it’s versatile enough for many other layouts too!
Check out the rest of my Sleuthin’ Collection, everything is 30% off!

Find these and all my other products right HERE in my store.

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