Ten Inspiration Sources

1) Quotes. I love quotes and poems. I have some written on my mirror to remind me to stay positive and look for the good things that happen each day. If you are stuck on the journaling for a page perhaps a quote will kick start something. The Lyrics challenge and the He said, She said challenge are both places to find quotes. The Quotes, Poems and Journaling forum is a place to share some of your favorites.

2) Photos. It has been said that a photo is worth a thousand words. I recently received a number of old family photos. It is a treasure, but I don’t know who half the people are. I periodically go through my photos and pick some to tell a story with. Each time I do this means a little more of the story is told and less questions are left for others to hunt down.

3) Anecdotes. My kids had some cute things they said. Some I wrote down. Some I didn’t. Those cute sayings or fun stories that happen as part of daily life are a great place to start.

4) Colors. Do you have a favorite go to color? Do you have favorite photos because you like the color composition? Sometimes my pages start with a scrap kit whose colors I love. Red and blue are two of my go to colors. I like to pay attention to my girls favorite colors when I tell their stories. The youngest loved pink for awhile. I do not but I used it because it added clues about who she was at the time of the photo or story.

5) Advertisements. I read magazines for the ads. I do not like to shop but I do like to see what others are doing with color and design. Sometimes my reaction is “what were they thinking?” others I sketch out or make myself notes for things I want to try. The Ad Challenge is another place I find ad inspiration.

6) Sketches. I especially like sketches when I am trying to figure out how to include many pictures on the page. Many scrapbook magazines and blogs have sketches. Some designers have turned their sketches into templates to make it even easier to use them. Sketchy Details is a challenge using a sketch that I look forward to.

7)  Events. Christmas, birthdays, tournaments, vacations are all easy choices to include in a scrapbook. This is why I started to scrapbook. When I am stuck for ideas, I look at my list of events that have not yet been scrapped.

8) Go for a walk. Sometimes inspiration needs a change of scenery. A window shopping trip is a great way to see what colors are being combined. A walk in the park allows nature to refresh the senses. During the summer, I take breaks in the garden, even weeding is a change and lets my creative mind work.

9) Completed scrapbooks and pages. Browsing through my completed pages often sparks a memory that hasn’t been recorded yet. Since I do not scrap chronologically, I find gaps in the story. I keep a notebook beside me and make notes of stories that are missing and need to be told. Browsing through online galleries allows you to see what others are telling stories about which could spark a few more of your own as well.

10) Challenges. Digitals has many challenges that are run on a monthly or bi-monthly schedule. Some are included in the ideas above but others aren’t. Any one of them can be used to kick start creativity.

What are some of your favorite sources of inspiration?

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  • dayvi

    Beautiful page, Lori! Great content!

    March 14, 2012
  • lorig

    Thank you for your kind words Vicky.

    March 14, 2012

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